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My Glorious Day

Today was very productive. I woke up an hour early so I could read the section for my Western Civ quiz today, only the quiz is NEXT Monday. It was actually a stroke of luck on my part, because not only did I study for a quiz that was not today, I studied the wrong section of the book for a quiz that wasn't today.

i really hate myself for not reading my notes more thoroughly sometimes. Great thing was that today in Biology we got to make up a lab that we had missed because of the Spring Fling. (They had canceled all classes to have it, and it rained so all we really did was eat the free food. They moved the game stuff to the following Friday, but they didn't cancel classes again, so I didn't get to go).

I've got my Computer Apps. class next, which is always fun, because I get to sit for an hour and fifteen minutes, and listen to my stomach growl because I am hungry. Both looking forward too and dreading finals. I don't know which will win out, my anticipation or my fear (such conflict). Oh well, just doing my part to keep prayer in school (most commonly the "God, please don't let me fail this test" prayer).
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