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Well, I’m back in school now. I guess it’s not so bad. Finals are a ways off so I think that I’ll be able to resist the overwhelming urge to end my life rather than take them for at least a little while.

Obviously I’m kidding. I’d probably hatch some diabolical plan with my friends to steal all the final exams, get to the school to do it and find out that I was the only one who was serious, decide to try and do it anyway, screw up abysmally and ultimately get an F in all my courses so as to have to retake them all next semester.

I know that J wishes I would so he could laugh at me maniacally and scream “who is the stupid one now? Squee!” The squee thing is a private joke so anybody else who reads this (which there probably isn’t anybody else who reads this), don’t even worry about it, although his girlfriend might get it.

Otherwise I have very little to write about. Mostly I’m just in the writing center being bored. Maybe I’ll start working on that plan to steal all the final exams next.
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