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Well, today was pretty typical I guess. I went to public speaking class. I think the instructor is totally unreasonable because he seems to actually want us to, you know, speak. (He’s crazy, right?) After that I had a two hour break that I sort of wasted, but I didn’t really have anything super important to do, and it doesn’t seem to have hurt me any.

Then it was off to English class where I have more knowledge than any of the mere mortals attending with me HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I know, I’m just that awesome. Following which I went to American history (I think we were discussing something about the English colonists and slavery).

Then it was time for Western Civilization. 2. We got to learn about Fredrick the II (apparently he was gay), and that he was prone to beating officials with a stick. Kind of sounds like someone that I know… (Well, maybe not the gay part). Then I get to be here, and write about the day I had that no one really cares about, as I can tell from the lack of comments I get.

Other than that all I really have to say is to my sister. Find out how much a laptop costs in Taiwan, and tell dad. Please.
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